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Based in Kaiserslautern, Germany, we have specialized in the development, manufacturing and sale of precision tools equipped with ultra-hard cutting materials such as PCD (polycrystalline diamond), CVD-D (CVD thick film diamond), UltraDiamond (binderless) and CBN (cubic boron nitride). As a leading manufacturer of tools with lasered cutting edges, we offer machining solutions in the areas of turning, milling, grooving, drilling, reaming and tool holders. In order to be able to process ultra-hard cutting materials such as PCD, CVD-D, UltraDiamond (binderless) and CBN with precision tools economically, we recognized early on that we had to develop further from the old production technology „grinding“ to new technologies such as the „laser ablation process“. In the meantime, our customers confirm that we are the leading manufacturer of lasered tools for metal cutting. Ultra-hard high-performance cutting materials play a key role in machining. Precision tools equipped with ultra-hard cutting materials are products that require a lot of explanation. The economical use of that cutting materials is only ensured if the machining process and the cutting material are coordinated with each other. This is exactly where we at DTS – Diamond Tooling Systems GmbH start: „Our core competence are precision tools equipped with ultra-hard cutting materials“. These high-tech tools must be precisely coordinated with application engineers for the machining process. Tools and processes are carried out by our experienced application technicians in a comprehensive as-is analysis, the new, well thought-out, tailor-made process optimization is presented to the customer and used in the next step together in production, this is the only way to exploit the optimal potential of the extremely hard cutting materials . With more than 25 years of optimization experience in the processing industry, we see our strength here! Our experienced application engineers are at your side for advice during ongoing production. This close cooperation and mutual trust is the basis of our success.

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