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In order to be able to machine ultra-hard cutting materials such as PCD, CVD-D, UltraDiamond and CBN economically on precision tools, we recognized early on that we had to develop further from the old production technology “grinding” to new technologies such as “laser technology”. In the meantime, around 75% of our total stock from our portfolio are exclusively laser-cut, our customers confirm that we have a leading position in Europe. Our laser technology allows us to process the world’s hardest cutting materials, these extremely hard cutting materials can no longer be processed by grinding and, with our high repeatability levels, would not be economical and, above all, reliably producible with a grinding wheel. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the laser ablation process has other advantages. By using laser technology, there is no grinding sludge, and no grinding wheels or cooling emulsions are necessary, making the production of ultra-hard cutting edges much more environmentally friendly.

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