CVD thick film diamond (CVD-D), the star among diamond cutting materials

For machining hard-brittle materials such as ceramics, glass and glass-ceramics, hard metal, MMC and fibre composites such as CFRP and GFRP. Due to the lack of a bonding matrix, the diamond content is much higher than with PCD. In the group of ultra-hard cutting materials, binderless CVD-D is one of the hardest, artificially produced diamond cutting materials.

CVD-D is characterised by a high hardness as well as a high wear resistance. These properties make CVD-D the perfect cutting material for machining abrasive materials. Compared to PCD, which is damaged by the abrasive particles due to its soft metallic binder phase, the CVD-D cutting edge remains stable due to its binderless anchoring in the diamond matrix.

If CVD-D is used correctly, the tool life can be increased by up to 10 times (and even more) compared to PCD!

With CVD you can machine materials like:

  1. Aluminium >10%Si
  2. GFRP
  3. CFRP
  4. MMC
  5. Carbide >8% Co
  6. Tungsten copper
  7. Tungsten
  8. Graphite fine-grained
  9. Magnesium

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