Binderless diamond (UltraDiamond), the hardest single crystal

Single-crystal elements for our tool cutting corners are lasered out of diamond blanks in a defined orientation using laser segmentation technology. This new technology makes it possible to solder a monocrystal (UltraDiamond) onto any tool carrier under high vacuum, in addition to the highly hard polycrystalline cutting materials like PCD and CVD-D. Compared to PCD, the tool life can be increased by approx. 15-25 times and to CVD-D by approx. 2-5 times.

The areas of application are similar to PCD and CVD-D, but this monocrystalline cutting material offers a further significant increase in tool life for all applications where PCD and CVD-D reach the limits of economic viability.

Economical machining of very hard, highly brittle materials such as: Ceramics, glass, glass-ceramics and hard metals with low cobalt or nickel binder (< 10%) is possible with the UltraDiamond cutting material.

With UltraDiamond you can machine:

  • Carbide <10% Co
  • Ceramic
  • Glass ceramic
  • Highly abrasive and brittle, non-ferrous materials

and more…

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