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Here you’ll get more
information about our
cutting tools, available
in various materials.


Our application engenieers support you on the machines using our tools made of PCD, CVD, CBN or UltraDiamond.



Cutting materials

Get to know more about our ultra-hard cutting materials like PCD, CVD, CBN or UltraDiamond.


Read more about DTS and our lasertechnology to process diamond tools.


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PCD and CVD-D Turning inserts

Use the benefits of our wide range of inserts.

CBN Turning inserts

Inserts tipped with 12
different grades for 5
different material groups

Boring tools starting form Dmin ∅0,80mm

Brazed boring bars tipped with diamond or CBN

Boring bars with mini-inserts from ∅ 3,50mm

MiniTools with multiple
edge tipped inserts made
from Diamond and CBN

Grooving tools starting from W1,00 – 6mm

Grooving with diamond or CBN-tipped inserts


Diamond or CBN end mills ∅ 0,20-20mm

End mills tipped with diamond or CBN.

End mill with indexable inserts tipped with diamond or CBN ∅ 10 – 25mm

End mill for multiple egde tipped inserts.

Milling cutter system ∅ 32 – 400mm

Milling cutter system for multiple egde tipped milling inserts.

Drills / Reamer

CBNCoat Drill starting from ∅ 2 – 12mm

These drills are developed for drilling in hard to machine- or hardeneed materials.

CBN Reamer starting from ∅ 1,50 – 6mm

CBN Reamers for maching hardeneed materials.

Chip breaker, Special tools , Adapters and Resharpening

Standard and special chip breaker

If you have problems with the chip control you can use our chip breakers.

Special tools on request

We are prducing every kind of standing or roatating tools for you. Adjusted on the needings of your process and material

Tool holders

Stable holders for external machining, as well as low-vibration boring bars made of solid carbide and heavy metal

Resharpening of PCD, CVD-D and CBN

Regrinding service for PCD, CVD-D and CBN tools
Resharpening of standard and special tools

Cutting materials


Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD), the well known Standard-Diamand


CVD-Thickfilm Diamond (CVD-D), the star among the diamond cutting materials


Binderless Diamand (UltraDiamond)
the hardest monocrystal


Cubic boron nitride (CBN), for machining hardened, carbon-containing materials, castings and special alloys

Application range for our ultra hard cutting materials 

With our tools tipped with PCD, CVD-D, UltraDiamond or CBN you can machine these materials among others :



Tools steel



Quartz glass




Cast iron



About us

Based in Kaiserslautern, Germany, we specialized in the development, manufacture and sale of stationary and rotating precision tools, equipped with ultra hard cutting materials such as CVD-D (CVD thick film diamond), PCD (polycrystalline diamond), UltraDiamond (binderless diamond) and CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride), and successfully established ourselves on the national and international market.

Quality is Security

All tools bought from us are from highest quality made in germany. The lasered diamond blades made from PCD, CVD-D, UltraDiamond and CBN offer you security at your process. 

Why DTS?

Why should you work with us?

Highest quality, immediate availability, quick preparation of offers, good support, construction of special tools, support on your machine, as well as over 25 years of experience with diamond and CBN tools are just a few arguments why you should rely on our systems and technicians.

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